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Yum! Containing real chocolate this is lip-smackingly good. A chance mistake made when pouring balms meant orange...
An incredible blend of these tropical fruits that will knock your socks off! Feel like being transported to a...
soap for sensitive skin
A goat's milk soap made with the most sensitve skin in mind, this soap contains olive oil, coconut oil and...
This lovely gentle soap is made with fresh brewed green tea and contains olive, coconut avocado and castor oils, shea...
Our cooks candle is fragranced with a deodorising essential oil blend of bergamot, rosemary,...

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28 Rawhiti Street
Dannevirke 4930
New Zealand
Ph: 06 374 9159

Welcome to Handmaidnz, home of natural soaps, candles, and beautiful skincare products.

We are a small home based family business specialising in making hand made, natural products. Our soaps, lotions, balms, creams and candles are made from the very best ingredients nature has to offer. Our aim is to make your life more beautiful, every day. We make everything by hand in small batches, with loving attention to detail from manufacture through to presentation...... 

Our logo, an old Shaker symbol of the heart in hand, and meaning "hands to work and hearts to God", represents the essence of our business. It is a joy to be able to make beautiful products which we hope will give you much pleasure. If you have never before savoured the creamy lather and gentleness of a soap made with vegetable oils, or used a lotion or cream that is crafted from the very best nature has to offer, you are in for a treat. But be warned....once you have tried the genuine article you may never want to use anything else again! As our business has developed we have become very interested in developing products that are not only beautiful but are helpful in treating and healing a multitude of skin issues. We are encouraged by great feedback as we continue to develop and expand our range.

In this day and age when we seem so very "time poor", the hand made article appears to be gaining new appreciation. So enjoy the little imperfections of our rustic soaps and the hand made labels of our products. The effort that has been made, has been to remind each one of us that we are valueable and deserving; and somehow when we hold/use something beautiful, that has genuinely been made by hand, we connect with this truth.

Our products make appreciated and affordable gifts. However, whether you are buying for yourself or your purchase is a gift, you also have the satisfaction of knowing that 10% of the purchase price will be donated to charity, benefitting someone else's life as well.

Thankyou for visiting Handmaidnz. We trust you will enjoy your shopping experience with us and that we will see you again, soon.

Rosie and Ian Harrowfield