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Jungle Jim


This amazing soap has been a very popular addition to the range, enjoying avid followers who adore the fragrances of anise paired with peppermint and lavender essential oils. The soap is made from olive, coconut and palm oils ( our palm oil is ethically sourced and is farmed organically and sustainably). In addition it contains shea butter for extra moisturising properties and is superfatted with jojoba oil at trace. A very moisturising and shower friendly soap. The soap has been named "Jungle Jim"....'Jungle' in recognition of its camoflage-like swirls which are made with black mica, green pigmemt powder and white titanium dioxide.....and the 'Jim' is in honour of our son-in-law James, who adores the fragrance of anise so much that we decided he just had to have a soap made to satisfy his olefactory pleasure! 

Jungle Jim is sold as a wrapped soap with tag ($8.50) and unwrapped ($7), and weighs a minimum of 140 grams