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Himalayan Salt bar


This fresh smelling and pretty soap has flown off our stall since we first introduced it at markets. Containing an invigorating blend of lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils it is the special ingredient Himalayan Salt which gives it it's real character. The salt is ground and because of its weight , sinks to the bottom of the bar where it provides an exfoliating quality in the shower. The top of the bar is decorated with larger chunks of the salt which soon disappear when used, leaving a gorgeously silky side to your soap, and giving it a dual function as you use it. Salt is known for its wonderful skin enhancing properties, both soothing and stimulating the skin, and the oils in the soap are equally beneficial: Coconut, Olive, Palm (our palm oil is ethically sourced and is organically and sustainably farmed), and last but not least is the addition of Shea butter, famed for its wonderfully moisturising abilities. The top of the soap is coloured with pearly white mica and fuschia pigment .   

N.B. Salt is hydroscopic (attracts water...which is one of the reasons it is so good for your skin) so be careful to store this soap in a very dry place ( the hot water cupboard is ideal) if you are not immediately using it....otherwise you may find unwelcome puddles on top!