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Goats Milk Oatmeal and Honey


A lovely new addition to our range, goat milk, oatmeal and honey is a gentle and delicious smelling facial soap that you might just want to use everywhere!  Made with goats milk, and containing Olive, Castor, Coconut and Avocado oils it is fragranced with an Oatmeal Milk and Honey fragrance oil, plus extra vanilla Fragrance oil which gives the beautiful rich brown colour to the soap. The addition of ground oatmeal brings its gentle exfoliating and skin enhancing properties and add to these the wonderful skin enriching benefits of nz manuka honey. This soap can be used and enjoyed on normal skin , but it is particularly beneficial for sensitive, damaged or acne prone skin.

Available as a wrapped and tagged soap for $8.50 (perfect as a gift) or unwrapped for $7.00.

Warning.... keep out of reach of tiny hands or you may find your soap  develops tell tale bite marks!