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Ready Relief Balm


Our Ready Relief balm is your 'go to' first aid kit in a tin. Insect bites, burns, scalds, irritated skin, abrasions, scars, stretch marks, weathered and dry chapped skin are all reasons to reach for Ready Relief. The balm contains a beautiful range of waxes and oils which work together to soothe, mositurise, heal and promote healthy skin growth. 

It contains Beeswax (protective, moisture resistant,enhances the therapeutic benefits of the other ingrdients), Marula oil (moisturising, improves hydration, anti oxidant), Olive oil (skin conditioning, soothing, protective), Rosehip oil (high in essential fatty acids, used to soothe and nourish inflamed and irritated skin), Evening Primrose oil  (nourishing and used to treat bruising, eczema, and acne) Jojoba oil ( very safe for hypoallergenic skin, cold sores, acne, psoriasis excellent moisturising properties), Vitamin E oil (anti oxidant, promotes circulation and new cell growth), Wheatgerm oil (nourishing, helps promote circulation and formation of new cells), Active manuka honey (Antiviral, anti microbial, antibacterial),  Lavender essential oil (antiseptic, a remarkable aid to healing, due to the cytophylatic properties it contains), and Lemon tea tree essential oil, ( anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti histaminic, anti inflammatory).

A great product to keep nearby in the kitchen, car,  handbag. Ready relief comes in a 65 gm tin ($24.00), and a 30 gm pot ($15.00). The 30 gm pot is the perfect "take it anywhere" size and lasts for ages!