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heel balm


Apply our heel balm to cracked dry and hard skin as a rescue remedy and the balm will soften, soothe and help heal; or use regularly as part of a good footcare regime and keep heel skin supple and looking pretty. Either way, our heel balm is an essential addition to your footcare regime. With the goodness of lanolin, cocoa and  mango butters added to beeswax, sweet almond and jojoba oils the balm is refreshingly perfumed with peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. Use confidently in conjunction with our foot cream; the two products are scented identically and both your feet (and you) will be very happy! 50 gm and 100gm pots

Tip and confession: Rosie neglected her own feet to the point where there developed a nasty, quite deep heel crack which was ignored for some time until it became very painful! The remedy was to apply heel balm to the offending crack ( instant relief!) and wear a cotton sock to bed to keep the balm 'in place' overnight. Remembering to apply the balm after the morning shower and repeating the process for a few nights healed the heel in no time. Let's hope she has learned her lesson!