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Breathe Easy balm


Breathe Easy balm is an all natural ( no petrolleum jelly or other nasties!)  aid to clearing stuffy noses and assisting with breathing (just as the name suggests!)  Pop the balm under the nose (be careful to avoid eyes),on the chest or even on a handkerchief pinned to a pillow , it really helps little and large noses clear congested and blocked passages. 

The balm is a simple blend of beeswax and olive oil in which menthol crystals have been dissolved and essential oils of camphor and eucalyptus added....  thats it!

Beeswax and olive oil form a protective barrier on the skin and enhance the therapeutic properties of the essential oils which do the decongestant work as they slowly vapourise on warm skin. The combination of menthol with eucalyptus and camphor oils provides the balm with anti microbial and anti viral properties, helping to open up sinuses. Camphor is an effective decongestant and is known to promote fuller and deeper breathing. 

The balm comes in a 65gm tin  ($24.00) or a 30 gm pocket or hand bag sized pot .($15.00). A 'Must Have' for your medicine cabinet, it really does help relieve the misery of the common cold.