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Arnica cream


This useful and effective cream belongs in everyones medicine cabinet! The common herb Arnica montana was observed by a 12th century German nun (Saint Hildegard of Bingen 1098-1179) to have remarkable healing properties, and arnica oil has been used as a topical relief for centuries . Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties Arnica continues to this day to be used in mainstream medicine. Arnica is used to treat swelling and bruising as well as aches and sprains, and muscular and cartilage strain from exercise. It has also been used as a natural relief for osteo arthritis sufferers with some success. 

As well as a high percentage of arnica oil, (66% of the oil content is arnica) our cream contains lavender hydrosol, beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter, which gives the cream moisturising and protective qualities as well. It is fragranced with Lavender, Wintergreen and Peppermint essential oils, which add their own unique properties to the cream. All have anti inflammatory and pain relieving benefits. They also smell great together!

Uses: apply the cream to swelling and bruising, for general aches and pains, after exercise on sore muscles and cartilage, and on insect bites. It may also provide topical relief for moderate arthritic pain. The cream should not be applied to broken skin, or used during pregnancy.

The cream comes in 50 gm ($15.00) and 100gm ($25.00) pots

P.S. Our daughter swears that our Arnica cream got her through her first full Marathon! Not a bad recommendation!