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Bug Off Candle


We offer a bug repellent candle that doesnt reek of citronella! Yes, we acknowledge that citronella is a potent insect repellent,  and it is one of the essential oils we have selected to use in our insect repelling blend, however it is tempered by some other , equally as effective and 'kinder to the nose' oils!  Our blend of five oils (which saturate the soy wax at a 10% 'loading') includes lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, citronella, peppermint and geranium. All of these oils are effective insect repellants and are also used in our Bug Off Balm. You can enjoy your evening barbeque in comfort with the use of these two products, confident in the knowledge that the vapourising oils will certainly be deterring any unwelcome 'guests'!

The candle is sold in two forms: in a 150gm tin with a burn time of 35 hours approximately ($22.00), or in a stylish and practical lidded enamel mug . 280 gms of wax, with a burn time of 60 plus hours, ($40.00). The enamel mugs are a recent addition to our range and are right 'on trend' in terms of design. (They are also marvellously useful as containers when the candle has finally been used up.)