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About our Candles...tins

Candles enhance and uplift, delight our senses and enrich our souls.
Our candles are made from 100% sustainable soy wax, with quality wicks ensuring a clean burn. Packaged in attractive tins the lids protect the soy wax when the candle is not in use, and act as a coaster when the candle is burning. With the exception of the cooks candle which utilises the special deodorising properties of essential oils, our candles are scented with quality fragrance oils. The candles come in a range of soft pastel colours. Candles make wonderful gifts, bringing a little luxury and beauty into everyday life.

Burn time for 110gm candle is approximately 23 hours.

Burning tips: To maximise the life of your candle :

  1. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch or .5cm  before you first light it.
  2. Do not extinguish until the wax has melted to the edge of the container. This is especially important for the first burn, and subsequent burns will "remember" the melt path previously followed. We try and always burn our candles this way, every time we light them, i.e. not just the first burn.  There is nothing more disappointing than finding that your candle only wants to follow a burn pattern of melting  a hole down the middle....( most of us can relate to that experience) following the "burn till melted to the edge of the container" principle ensures your candle lasts to the very end.

Our wicks burn very cleanly and, once they have been used, a little pinch between the fingers  (before you light it!) will keep the wick trimmed nicely. 

We offer a bug repellent candle that doesnt reek of citronella! Yes...
A beautiful fragrance with a hint of spice
With fragrances of jasmine, rose, geranium and lavender; this is a...
Fresh herbal fragrance evocative of a walk along the coast and a...
With a mix of essential and fragrance oils this is a delightfully...
A pretty pink candle with the perfume of rose and almond...
Grassy, lemoney and with the spice and warmth of ginger. This is a...
Our cooks candle is fragranced with a deodorising ...

About the Candles - Metros

Candles  enhance and enrich, delight our senses and uplift our souls.
Our luxurious metro candles are designed to please the most discerning customer, at a price that is affordable as well!  Since their first enthusiastic reception at a local market we have been developing and extending the range of fragrances on offer and have maintained a policy of “nothing but the best will do”.  Poured into jars specifically made as candle containers, they are uncoloured and adorned with nothing but our logo.  Simple and classic. All the fragrances are glorious and are recommended, some are our own blends.
The large Metro contains 280 gm of 100% soy wax and has a burn time of approximately 60 hours.  There is a beautiful boxed option available for gift giving.

The medium sized metro contains 200 gm of wax and will give approx. 40 hours of burning pleasure. As with the large metro there is a boxed option available.

To ensure the maximum burning life of your candle we recommend the following:

  1. Keep wick trimmed to ¼ inch or 0.5 cm. ( For the first burn you will need to use a pair of scissors, consequent burns the wick is easily nipped shorter between your finger tips..)
  2. For the first burn ensure the candle is not extinguished before the wax has well melted to the edge of the glass.  Wax will follow the same melt path for subsequent burns, but we recommend you follow the practise of always allowing the wax to melt to the edge before you extinguish. There is nothing more disheartening than a candle that refuses to do anything other than  burn a  “melt hole” down through it’s middle.  So, follow our guidelines and your candle will delight right until the very end.
This spicey citrusy scent has been a winner.... with consistent...
We just love this fragrance and have been using it in a variety of...
A new addition to our range, we have watched this candle fly off...
Smells beautifully and simply of vanilla  for such a complex...
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This delectable fragrance is somewhat softer than French Pear, an...
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Light , refreshing floral notes of sweet pea , complimented with a...