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soap for sensitive skin
A goat's milk soap made with the most sensitve skin in mind, this soap contains olive oil, coconut oil and...
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Our cooks candle is fragranced with a deodorising essential oil blend of bergamot, rosemary,...

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About our soaps

Our cold process soaps are made in small batches from vegetable oils (predominantly olive and coconut with other additions), floral hydrososl and lye. They are generously fragranced with essential oils wherever possible and the occasional fragrance oil (where the particular fragrance does not exist as an essential oil).  They are cured in our special soap drying cupboard for two months to ensure hardness and quality. At this point they are weighed to check that they meet the minimum weight of 120gm. As they are a truely handmade product there is considerable variation in weight in each batch, and whilst we check that all soaps meet the minimum 120gm, many weigh considerably more....this is just your good fortune if you are a lucky recipient of an extra large bar! 

Essential oils are particularly volatile and will evaporate on the surface of the soap over time, (which is why most soap is sold wrapped) However, the longer the soap has cured, the harder and more long  lasting it will become. A well cured bar will not smell as strongly as one that is more freshly made, but rest assured that although the scent has diminished on the surface, the fragrance is still in the soap and will be released as you use it. 

All our soaps can be safely used on sensitive skin and are suitable for all skin types. To ensure a long life from your soap, keep it dry between uses.