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Yum! Containing real chocolate this is lip-smackingly good. A chance mistake made when pouring balms meant orange...

Customised Occasions

Let us help you make your wedding or significant event especially memorable with the addition of customised candles and/or personalised ...


28 Rawhiti Street

Dannevirke 4930
New Zealand

Ph: 06 374 9159

We welcome your enquiries and feedback and will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible. There will be times, however, when we are unavailable, (generally for family reasons). We will endeavour  to provide cover at these times and if this is not possible, leave clear information about our return. You are welcome to visit us at home to view or purchase product. However, by necessity visits must be STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Soap and lotions are demanding taskmasters and their manufacture cannot be interrupted at critical moments. Thankyou for your understanding!

Ian and Rosie Harrowfield

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